These didactical materials, which have been developed in the framework of the European project ‘Industry 4.0 – INTRO 4.0’, funded by the European Commission aims to come up with an overview of what has been done in the European

Industry in terms of Industry 4.0. The content of these didactical materials provides the most relevant and useful information on Industry 4.0 to a target group that includes: adults, educators (VET & Higher Education), teachers, trainers, coaches, employers, employees, the general public, and suppliers of innovative solutions.

This information is rooted within the report ‘Current Status Of The Industry 4.0’ and the report ‘Summary Report of the expert interviews/questionnaires and the specific research on the field of manufacturing companies”, both developed by the partners of this project.

Course Curriculum

Index & Learning objectives Details
Introduction Details
What is it? Details
What is this for? Details
Good practices Details
Benefits for the company Details
Future applications Details
Advanced content Details
Education Details
Bibliography & Self appraisal Details


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